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GoTM: GoTM is an open Transaction Monitor

GoTM logo

Production release: -
Development version: CVS.

Latest news

Wednesday, 17 November 2004: Creation of the GoTM website


GoTM (GoTM is an open Transaction Monitor) is a component-based framework for building various transaction services. GoTM support the construction of transaction engine based on one standard (e.g. Java Transaction Service) or multiple standard (e.g. Java Transaction Service and Object Transaction Service). GoTM is developped with the Fractal component model.

Quick Facts
  • Implementation of major transaction standards (e.g. JTS, OTS, etc.),
  • Highly configurable transaction behaviors,
  • Integrated Administration Tool,
  • 100% Java implementation allowing portability across platforms,
  • Open source licensed under LGPL.

Getting Involved

GoTM, as an open source project, welcomes external contributions in any form:

  • help other users on the mailing list,
  • feedback on use cases,
  • bug reports,
  • patches,
  • examples,
  • documentation,
  • translations,
  • ...

Post on the GoTM mailing list and join us!

Don't hesitate to use our Forge site and see also the developers' corner pages.

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