GoTM - Contributing

Welcome to the developers' corner!

GoTM, as an open source project, welcomes and even expects contributions. Don't hesitate to join us!

What to contribute?

You can contribute to GoTM in many ways: feedback, use cases, feature requests, bug reports, patches, code, tests, support, documentation, tutorial, courses, translation, marketing, ... All these contributions are very important to increase the quality of GoTM.

How To Contribute?

All discussions are shared on the mailing list. As we still are a small community, both user and developer discussions are shared on this single mailing list.

GoTM has its own projet on the Objectweb Forge.

Basically, any feature you need but you do not find implemented in GoTM may become a contribution topic. Simply send your ideas, documents and developments (if any) to the GoTM community.

The list of tasks is available at the GoTM's ObjectWeb Forge site. Anyone is welcome to contribute to any task. Please use also the SourceForge tools for feature requests and bug reports/fixes.

You can also subscribe to the gotm-commits mailing list if you want to receive notifications of the CVS changes.

Getting CVS write access

CVS write access is granted after request to the GoTM project manager. We usually grant access to contributors who have already actively participated in the GoTM community (see 'What to contribute?').

Contributing to the GoTM code base requires following our coding style (see GoTM Developer's Guide). All contributions must remain under the LGPL license but each author keeps its copyright and is responsible for the code commited in the CVS repository. This also implies that if you plan to integrate a 3rd party library or software, it must be compatible with the LGPL license to be bundled with GoTM.

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